Big Thanks To…

Probably the most difficult part of our whole Pan-American project has been compiling this section. So many people were involved at each stage, we are terrified lest we forget someone. Hopefully we’ve captured those who made an impact. Anyway thanks to all for making this a great adventure, without you there would be no stories…

Part 1 – The Fund Raising

  • James Sommers at Cancer Research UK
  • All the show organisers and every kind and warm hearted person who listened to our patter and made a donation
  • All at the Castlereagh Glentoran Supporters Club
  • Andy and Liz Jones
  • Paul McMahon

Part 2 – On the Road – South America


  • Catalina Enriquez at Kuehne & Nagel
  • Jorge Meza and Ingrid (our shipping handlers) and all at the Chilean customs in Valparaiso
  • Mario Mulsow (Capt. retd. Chilean Navy)
  • Alan Ellis (Villarica)
  • Mark Mattinson and Jack (Pucon)
  • Mark from Oz (Honda Dominator)
  • Doris Mason and Norma Davis (750 Magnas)
  • Our would-be rescuer – Julio Cesare Pizarro (1100GS) and Manuel the bike cop (F650)


  • The rescuers! – The 3 amigos – Joaquin, Jose and Mucio (1150 GS, Africa Twin & Varadero), Teresa Basiloff, El Mecanico, and all the staff at the Hotel Covadonga, Rio Mayo & Lito (VW Caddy) Dr Maximillian, and all the kind and wonderful staff at the Rio Mayo Hospital
  • Guillaume at ‘La Estancia’ in Rio Gallegos for the stories of DiFunta Correa & Gauchito Gil
  • The rescued! – Mauricio (KLR650)
  • Mario the gardener at San Martin de Los Andes
  • Felix ib Cjos Malal
  • More Rescuers! – Fernando the Gomeria, Juan, Adriana Garcia, Jorge and his Mum and Dad, and all the wonderful kind people of the little town of Valle Fertil
  • Ricardo Quilez, Sergio, Anna, Pablo and all at BIG Motorcycles, Cordoba
  • Esteban and Consuela Sanchez, Bernardo and Dolores for taking us into their home and the fabulous Asado in Cordoba
  • Monica Ponces for sharing her wonderful Cabañas Leñador at Iguazu
  • Peter Deck (1150GS), John Johnston, Maria Gonzales, Beckham and all the staff and guests for the stunning hospitality at El Castillo de San Lorenzo and not forgetting Sammy from Yorkshire in la Caserna
  • The ever smiling and lovely Doña Gladys for the excellent and final bout of hospitality in Argentina at Susques


  • Fernando Bueno
  • Fraser Campbell and Maree (Isla del Sol)


  • Daniel and William – the 2 kids who saved the whole trip at Ilave
  • Soren Weihe (Harley Rentals), Cecil, Alberto, Victor and family at Palacio Real, and Jeff at the Norton Rats Pub, Cusco
  • Liz Prok, Katie Rusbatch, Gerald, Luisa, Corinne Whiting, Alison from Oz, Mattheus and Martin (auf der walz), Matt Gray and Liz Lovell – all fellow Inca Trailers with our guides Miguel and Priscilla
  • Miki from Japan (Harley Sportster RTW)


  • Eduardo and Peggy Pinto (F650GS) and all at the Sports Moto Club, Cuenca
  • Chris Halliday – our big man from Carrickfergus in Quito
  • Dan Walsh (from Bike magazine) in Quito
  • Phyllis Laraiso, Mike Braden, Peter and Hedi Sullivan, Harry and Susan Schimanski and the Goose family – our fellow voyagers in the Galapagos with Juan our guide and the crew
  • Carlos Cadena for the trip to rose farms
  • Rupert Wilson Smith (Yamaha 50cc Scooter)
  • Rene Cormier and Amy Pyle Bruning (F650 GS’s)
  • Colleen Pawling and the Spectacled Bear trackers at Apuela

Part 3 – On the Road – Central America


  • Jurgen Berger and his dog Tok
  • Karmen (from Oz)


  • Martin Ellis (XL600) and Tom Adamek (Toyota Van) in Granada

Costa Rica:

  • Alberto and Clara Goldman in Playa Tamarindo
  • Claire and Charlie Mayne (Perro Plano Pub)


  • All the staff at Jardin de Americas Spanish school, Panajachel, especially Victoria Joj and Loida, Mally Arkin and Cindy our fellow pupils
  • Doña Angelica, Christian and litlle Shirley for the splendid residential accommodation at JdA
  • Mike and Adele Roberts and family at the Crossroads Cafe, Panajachel, for the best coffee in the world
  • Jose de Buso and Armin Kramer at BMW GC


  • Joaquin de Uriarte and Family
  • Greg Litty (for dinner in Tampico)
  • Jay Treat in Alamos
  • Dennis Gardner and all at Punta Chivato
  • Don, Mimi and Kathleen
  • Tom and Lynne Gefre (F650GS) in Ensenada

Part 4 – On the Road – North America


  • Brian and Laura Rochon
  • John Devereux (R1200GS) who set us on the ‘Devereux Trail’
  • Alan and Debbie Johncock (Lone Star Motorcycle Museum)
  • Chris King (various BMWs) and his Dad Bob and ‘Doodle’ the Basset Hound
  • Professor Matthew and Susan Sheltrone (Macdonald Observatory)
  • Sonny Johns (GS1150), Norma and Dave (FJR 1300), Chuck and Christin (R100GS), and all at the Fredericksburg BMW Rally
  • Lewis and Susan McCool at Big Bend NP with Benny, another Basset Hound


  • The extended Freeburn family for our first ever Thanksgiving dinner at KOA Chula Vista
  • Simon and Angie Reboul for looking after the bikes at Phoenix Az
  • Tim Campion (R1200GS)
  • Judith Goddard
  • Derek Jackson (1200 Bandit), Marilyn, Aline Menenzes and Ron for all the warm hospitality in San Francisco
  • Don and Debbie Prescott (Ride West BMW), Phillip Sanderson (GL1200) and Scott (GL1500) for the fantastic hospitality in Seattle, the USA’s friendliest big city!


  • Dave Anderson at Anderwerks
  • Brent and Carrie La Rose in Calgary
  • Guido from Argentina (1200GS) for sharing his campground and Robin Breese-Davis (1150GS) in Dawson City
  • Kathy, Jess and Jerry Campbell for sharing their wonderful homes and lives with us in BC


  • Dan Burseth for the fishing stories in Seward
  • Randy and Nancy Fay, Andrea and Jörg Schuster (Cyclists)
  • All the travellers on the Dalton Highway – Richard Boeve (Subaru) and Jeff Vallon (KLR650), Lance and Margo Furbert (from Bermuda), Joseph Engle (FJR 1300), Wendell Hedges and Arley Harrel, Stephen Durkee (F650GS Dakar, KLR650, 650 V-Strom), Jeff Kruger (F650GS Dakar)
  • Chuck Quast (F650 GS Dakar), James Couch (F650GS Dakar), Garth and Sandra Cooper with Frankie and Nadine (XT600 & 225), Jutta Vargas

Part 5 – The Books – “Adventures in Yellow”

  • Two of the most lovely ladies in the world – Liz Jones and Jane Murphy – for reading the first drafts and setting me on my way
  • Fellow Ulsterman Geoff Hill for advice and encouragement
  • Lynn Ashman, Claire Spinks, Jacqueline Abromeit, Grace, Catriona, Danny and Alison at PenPress for helping us realise the books and get them into print