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Adventures in Yellow – Ten Years On!

New Year’s Day 2014: I’m sitting here finding it hard to believe it is now exactly ten years ago when it all came together, our best laid plans came to fruition and our Pan-American Adventure was finally a go! New Years Day 2004, our last full day in Belfast before London, Paris and then Santiago […]

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Interlude – Bad times in Belfast

Returning home we came to see our trip as such an absolute high point in our lives from which we had suddenly been plunged into some of the lowest depths we’d ever known. Top this off with the sudden transformation from travelling through 9 months of seemingly perpetual summer into some of the most appalling […]

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Heading Up Into the Yucatan, Bad News From Home, The End for 2004

So that was Central America and what a contrast to South America. The first thing that struck us was how close everything is. Gone were the big journeys in the saddle from our times in Argentina, Chile & Peru, where it could take days to ride from one place to the next. Central America is […]

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Leaving England

Today I took our old 1200 Gold Wing back to Belfast, where it will spend a year in storage as we departed England having rented our house in Stevenage. The previous week since leaving work had been chaotic as we packed our personal belongings into a Transit Van and moved it too to Belfast for […]

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