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Maggie’s Birthday at Tikal

We dragged ourselves reluctantly away from Finca Ixobel, our 1 night stop already run into 3 with the temptation to stay another day or two very, very strong! But thankfully we had a greater attraction to draw us away – the Mayan ruins at Tikal. It was coming up to Maggie’s birthday and we figured […]

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The Best Coffee in the World at the Crossroads Café

I walk into the garden and see a hammock smiling at me between two trees. Come on over, sit down, put your feet up, relax… Ah! This is the life, swinging gently in the breeze in the shade of exotic fruit trees, surrounded by flowers everywhere, their sweet scent tingling the nostrils and teasing my […]

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Copan and the World of the Mayans

As July gave way to August we rode on up to the Caribbean where we planned to take a trip out to the Bay Islands. Another fantasy ride took us north up through the chirpy busy little town of El Progreso, past the mainland beaches at Tela and on through miles of pineapple and coconut […]

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