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From Belfast, Northern Ireland, Norman worked in the aerospace industry for 10 years before moving to Stevenage in England in 1989. For the next 15 years he was gainfully employed in the UK Space industry. He took a voluntary redundancy package, swapping his role as Quality Manager on a leading space programme to take up the challenge of the Pan American Adventure.
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Adventures in Yellow – Ten Years On!

New Year’s Day 2014: I’m sitting here finding it hard to believe it is now exactly ten years ago when it all came together, our best laid plans came to fruition and our Pan-American Adventure was finally a go! New Years Day 2004, our last full day in Belfast before London, Paris and then Santiago […]

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Bradford Wool Exchange


May Day Bank Holiday – the promise of a wet weekend on the latest ride to take the two books up north to Bradford. A quick scan of Wikipedia tells me that the city lies at the junction of three valleys which explains why my mate Dave in work (who hails from this hallowed ville) […]

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Being Inspired…

I sit here tapping this blog on a quiet Easter Sunday morning in the kitchen of the very homely Esgair Cottage somewhere in the middle of nowhere but roughly near St Clears in South Wales. Outside the kitchen window, the view: a leaden sky hanging over tree shrouded rolling valleys and each day since we […]

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“These Rough Notes…” A Band of Heroes Remembered!

So here we are in 2012 an ominous year, if you believe the Mayan rumours, with this age of the world all scheduled to come to some grisly end on 21st December. One hundred years ago 1912 also proved to be an ominous year host to two of the greatest disasters in human history both […]

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No. 2 in the Charts

Years End with a High at Hatfield!

6th December; our two Adventures in Yellow books have been on release for four months and 2011, one of the most exciting years in our lives, will be drawing to a close. This time last year our attempt to break into the literary world had reached crisis point: the books were written but we simply […]

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David's Bookshop

David’s Bookshop

Another Saturday, another bookstore, but this week we’ve broken away from the chain-gang and are at our first independent bookseller, David’s Bookshop, in Letchworth. A beautiful day‘n all (maybe the last of this unseasonably warm and sunny autumn weather?) made for a pleasant short ride to the store on both bikes where they took position […]

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Book signing at Finchley

Selling to the Princesses

Saturday 15th October, Waterstone’s Finchley Road; our first ‘London’ gig. Walking down to the garage to get the bike the asphalt roof in our neighbour’s garden glistens with a light lick of ice. That and the slight whiff of decomposing leaf mulch indicating the first signs of winter approaching. I ride out into the beautiful […]

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With Ted Simon

Ted Simon – The Foundation

On 6th October 1973 Ted Simon left England on his Triumph Tiger motorcycle to commence his epic round-the-world journey that would be immortalised in the book “Jupiter’s Travels”. I know Ted wasn’t the first to strap on a bike and see how far he could go but “Jupiter’s Travels” has become the foundation for just […]

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Waterstones Northampton

Northampton…and friends you have yet to meet!

One of the most common questions we have been asked at our book-signing events is “now that the Pan-American trip is over, what’s next; where will your travels take you to next?” The answer to this question is that we are already embarked on our next journey with the book events themselves. We are going […]

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Waterstone's Milton Keynes

“In the Mall of the Milton Keynes…”

Last Saturday saw us attend our first ‘Mall’ book event. To date we have appeared in a number of busy high street shops with the two books, happy to natter and sign copies for contented customers. What then of the Mall? Our first ‘Mall’ then was Milton Keynes, set in the heart of that modern […]

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