Last Day in London

We drove down to London on this sunny Sunday morning for a last visit to the Ace Café and then a walk around the West End for a last look at our favourite city. The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square had a mural outside describing a Van Gogh painting of a wicker chair. The display was titled ‘An Adventure in Yellow’ and according to the writing on the wall, yellow is the colour of the sun, the colour of happiness & the colour of madness! Van Gogh loved it, especially when he lived in the sunny South of France, and he used it a lot in his work typically in all those lovely sunflower paintings he did. He also killed himself ‘in yellow’, putting shotgun to his head in a field of wheat. It all struck us as a wonderful header for our trip! Adventures in Yellow! Sunshine, happiness, a bit of madness but we’ll skip on the death bit! Thinking on, yellow is also the colour of cowardice (are we running away?) and fever & disease (oh-oh!). But it is also the colour of springtime flowers, submarines and our 2 bikes! I think we’ll stick with the happy, sunny definitions!

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