Leaving England

Today I took our old 1200 Gold Wing back to Belfast, where it will spend a year in storage as we departed England having rented our house in Stevenage. The previous week since leaving work had been chaotic as we packed our personal belongings into a Transit Van and moved it too to Belfast for storage with our family there. As with leaving work, there was no sense of loss or regret at leaving our house. It will still be there when we return! The run on the Wing was a chance to try out some of our cold weather kit as it was 0ºC leaving home. The BMW heated vest was a winner, pumping heat into my body system, but the Klan heated socks unfortunately disconnected themselves when I put my leathers on (I thought they were broken and couldn’t be bothered messing around with them in the depths of all my layers of swaddling clothes). A combination of Hein Gericke Pathan gloves and heated grips on the Wing kept the worst of the cold off my hands during the run up the A1, A66 & A75 to Cairnryan in what turned out to be a glorious sunny winter day.

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